Saturday, 26 March 2016

Our God dies to conquer death. Can yours do that?

No human experience is closed to God. We cannot put a sign outside any area of human life that says “God has no business here,” “God may not enter.” We [may] set up obstacles and roadblocks, but the Lord bursts in regardless...
                                                                                                  ...Jesus’ death does not contradict His sovereignty. It is a revelation of His sovereign Lordship. Jesus’ life and death reveals that God is Lord not only over all things He is Lord in all things.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Best response to food fadists

This is nicked from an edition of The Spectator:

A certain Lord X, in his RSVP to a posh dinner writes:
Lord X thanks Bentley Entertainments greatly for the kind invitation and accepts with pleasure. Regarding his dietary requirements, Lord X does not eat, mushrooms, gravy, aubergine, capers, artificial sugar (or natural sugar for that matter) & wine that is not from the Burgundy region. He is technically glutten-free, wheat intolerant, diary-free and also cannot eat fruit, however he will forgo this for apples. He does like peas and steak.
The reply to Lord X goes as follows:
Dear Lord X, we are delighted you can attend the dinner but, having noted your complex dietary requirements, suggest you eat before you come.