Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Covid = a crisis + an opportunity for the Church

We're living through a crisis of faith, love, and hope. The coronavirus didn't create the crisis, but it has shone a spotlight on it and made it worse. 

Healthy societies thrive when guided by recognized, trusted authorities. Whom do we trust? Science? Have you seen the models? Bureaucrats? The media? Experts? Institutions of higher education? Sports heroes or celebrities? Politicians? You're joking! Try to think of any authority recognized and respected by everyone?

With no common objects of trust, it's no surprise we're divided. Some of us trust some experts, others trust other experts. Some watch CNN and read the New York Times; others watch Fox and read Breitbart. More than anything, we're united by our cynical distrust. 

Scattered like sheep without a shepherd, we lose hope. Will the centre hold? Will things ever return to "normal"? Hopelessness is dangerous, as we're tempted to latch onto the first person who tells us he can lead us to green pastures. 

This leaves the church with an immense mission challenge and mission opportunity: To be truthful and trustworthy so as to gain trust, to love without hypocrisy, to hope against hope as we serve the God who raises the dead

Are we up for it? I don't know. I pray we will be.

Slightly adapted from Theopolis