Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wilson says Leithart is "dumb" and Clark is "dumber"

Peter Leithart recently caused a storm by asserting the end of Protestantism. In response, another Peter wrote to challenge Leithart's claim. This was then followed by Fred Sanders' stinging rebuke which Leithart acknowledged and responded to here. Lots of others have pitched in but I think, that the best line (for it's vivid and arresting imagery) is what Doug Wilson wrote about R Scott Clark's criticism (and mind you in this whole brouhaha, Doug is not supportive of Leithart)
Reading Clark on this subject is like taking the oil of lucidity and mixing it with the vinegar of dumb mistakes, resulting in the tangy vinaigrette that we have come to associate with the salad bar that is Escondido.
I wish I could write like that and whilst disagreeing with some of Doug's analysis I must say his writing and oratory often brings me close to disobeying the 10th commandment!

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