Monday, 23 April 2012

Fallen sinner to prison minister

American apologist, ethicist, promoter of the Biblical worldview and cultural commentator, Chuck Colson has died. Although not known that well known in the UK, the Prison fellowship ministry which Colson founded, has been influential here (and worldwide) offering prisoners help and sharing the good news of eternal life found only in Jesus Christ. Before founding the now worth $50 million prison charity, Colson worked for President Nixon and once described himself as a "flag-waving, kick-em-in-the nuts, anti-press, anti-Liberal, Nixon fanatic." Colson was also reputed to have said that he would walk over his own grandmother to get Nixon re-elected. Post-prison however he turned his resplendent energies to the salvation of sinners and transformation of the nation (US). In many ways, Colson's turnaround and subsequent pursuits are a wonderful picture of the way Almighty God loves to take messy situations and use them for great good. One wonders for example whether apart from the suffering and humiliation of jail, Colson would have established his exemplary ministry? 

Apart from his concern for prisoners, Colson also laboured hard to remind the Church of the comprehensive nature of the Christian faith. His concern to highlight the importance of Truth and his repeated affirmation of the Christian worldview for every facet of life, echoed Abraham Kuyper's famous maxim: 'there is not a square inch of planet earth where Jesus does not say: "mine"'. Such a concern to honour Scripture as well the repeated pursuit of extolling Jesus' absolute Lordship, mirrors much of what the New Testament says of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thus despite his rather sudden and untimely demise, we thank the Lord for Chuck Colson's faithful (and influential) life - well done good and faithful servant.

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