Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Free Audiobook: Instructions about heart work

I recently came across this free audiobook of the English Puritan, Richard Alleine's Instructions about heart work. It's read in a strong Canadian (American?) accent which might be a hindrance to some but contains some insightful gems! Here's a sampling:
  • Judas sold this pearl [Christ, the priceless treasure] for 30 pieces of silver. Sinners, many of them, sell Christ at a lower rate than this
  • He that hath heaven in his eye, will not fear to have holiness in his life
  • A sound heart will make a strong back. He that loves much, will bear anything
  • The life of a Christian is not a toying, but a toiling life
  • Sinners' fires are all sparks. A spark will not warm and will not last
  • The life and spiritual health which we received from Christ by our union, must be preserved by our communion with him 
  • The hard heart is a sacrifice for the devil..with hard and unbroken hearts, the devil is well pleased
  • Spend more of your anger against yourselves, for your own sins, and then you will have the less to waste upon others.
Listen to the full thing here

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