Monday, 14 October 2013

What they left and what they kept - life lessons on what's valuable

Art of Manliness posts a list of things that Shackelton and Co. left back + what they took when that dreadful moment came for them to abandon their ship (ironically named Endurance) So what did they leave behind?

- Money/Jewellery/Gold
- Clothes
- Scientific instruments
- Books
- Suitcases

And what did they take?

- Toothbrushes
- Religious items (Shackleton took with him the Bible he'd been given by Queen Alexandra)
- Photographs
- Medical supplies and instruments
- Banjo
- Diaries

Interesting that they opted for the Banjo and not the Books but on reflection this kind of makes sense (singing/music/The Psalms are guaranteed to lift up the soul when one is downbeat and discouraged). The thing that took me most by surprise though was that they prioritised toothbrushes but again this makes complete sense when you think of it. There was no chance of a root canal or a scale + polish out in the dreary wild of the Antarctic. These guys from a different age where valour, honour and courage ruled, point us (men especially) to consider what matters and what shatters. Read the AoM post in full to glean what these wise men of yonder can teach us.

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