Saturday, 12 October 2013

Relationship advice for teens: shuffle while you wait

This was one of my main points to our church teenagers regarding boy/girl relationships - to shuffle while they waited. In other words to think of the kind of husband/wife they'd like to be come marriage in 5-10 years and then to start working on it. No one ever donned a wedding ring, suddenly to be transformed into a hard working, elegant, polite, articulate, charming man/woman. It all takes time. If you hope to be a remarkable/impressive husband or an adorable/praiseworthy wife you had better be on the case for it now, today, wherever you are! If for example good manners and a sharp wit are not being 'practised' currently in the hope that when the right time comes (e.g. when Miss Beautiful/Mr Charming turns up) then you can be rest assured that when you try them then they will be a very bad fit. For boys this means acquiring habits like opening the door for your mother/sisters/grandma, not dressing like One Direction, only roughing it/play-fighting with other boys and not bolting your food. For girls this means working on your modesty, cultivating elegance, honouring your fathers and loving little children. Getting good at these things take a lot time and ye teens therefore had better get practising now. As someone once said good morals, like good taste is acquired and built.

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