Sunday, 20 November 2011

Temper tantrum ≠ "Come let us reason together"

When you see an out-of-control child pitching a fit in some public place, and his parents standing by helplessly with a beleagured look on their faces, the most obvious issue is lack of courage on the part of the parents... 
The reason he does this is because he has always returned from previous trips to that worthy emporium with some new item in his hot little fist. He does it because it works, and it works because his parents are cowards...  
Temper tantrums are always aimed at the gut. They are not an invitation to "come, let us reason together." Tantrums are moves of naked coercion, and the aimed-for response is one of naked capitulation. That is the game, and all the arguments to the contrary are simply self-serving rationalizations, an exercise which cowards have  practiced often, and are which they are really good at.

Via: Occupy Brawl Street and something to be remembered, next time the wee nipper loses it whilst out shopping

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