Monday, 28 November 2011

John Stott (RIP) had 3 problems areas

Proving faithful to his name, Carl Trueman provides an insightful commentary on some of John Stott's failings + observing how evangelicals have largely exalted the man whilst mostly ignoring/downplaying his serious errors. In this, Trueman models for us, how to live out Scripture's injunction to speak the truth in love as we seek to grow into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. It's a great piece and the whole thing is worth a read. Here is Trueman's conclusion is:
That Stott was important and influential is beyond dispute; but we should not sentimentalise him because of that or ignore his faults or, worst of all, so praise him that those very faults might ultimately be baptized as virtues and continue to do damage long after his departure to glory.  Our brains must be kept switched on; we must give credit where credit is due; but we must also remember that sometimes we learn most from great men when we look at the great mistakes they made.

To find out more and especially what Stott's 3 problem areas were, read the whole thing here

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