Thursday, 6 October 2011

Praise Tyndale not the King James

While many have been celebrating the 400th year of the publication of King James Bible, there has been very little, trumpeting the remarkable talent of the linguist whose work provided the bedrock for the AV's beautiful language. Over at The King's English, Glen Scrivener remedies that, by highlighting just how foundational Tyndale's work was in bringing about the KJB's inspiring text. Here is a taster: 

This year I have marvelled at the beauty of so many ‘King James phrases’.  Yet on closer examination the great majority turn out to be Tyndale phrases.  Only around 20 of the 365 phrases I have been considering this year are original to the King James Bible.  And Tyndale has provided the bulk of the rest.
Computer analysis has revealed that more than three quarters of the King James Version can be traced directly to Tyndale (83% of the NT and 76% of the OT).  Many times we can wish he was followed even more closely.  Consider Tyndale’s matchless translation of Genesis 3:4.  The serpent tempts Eve saying, “Tush, ye shall not die”!

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