Monday, 31 October 2011

Va-va-voom optimism

Danica Mae Camacho, the Philippine's symbolic 7 billionth baby is coddled by her mother Camille during a welcoming ceremony in Manila. The Philippines welcomed the world's symbolic seven billionth baby October 31 with a celebratory cheer at a packed government-run maternal hospital. Weighing 2.5 kilos, Danica May was delivered just shortly before midnight on October 30
Danica Mae Camacho, symbolic 7th billion baby is cuddled by her mother

Welcome Danica Mae...  According to the UN your arrival in the world, marks the point when our population reaches the 7 billion mark! For every Christian, this has surely got to be a hurrah moment - such a phenomenal increase wonderfully shows that God's plan to fully populate the world is slowly(!) being accomplished. Now before you smirk at my turbo-charged, full-injection, va va voom optimism, consider how the current head of the UN's Population Fund responded when harangued as to why the UN wasn't that concerned with the prodigious population increase given the limited space/resources that increased numbers will bring. Dr Osotimehin's response:
If the 7 billion people in our world stood for a group photograph, we would only fill the size of Los Angeles.
Did you get that?

If every living soul were to assemble in one place then we would comfortably fit into one State in the US. It's actually more shocking than that. If all world's people gathered together we'd fit into one city in one state - admittedly the second largest city in the US but one city nonetheless!

So what's all the fuss about the world not being enough? What's all the panic that there are insufficient resources to sustain us? It seems to me that we've got plenty of land/resources to go round (and some) and that the MSM's hype about over-population is a lie, a damn lie and nothing but a lie. Personally, I think I'll stick with promoting the biblical vision of encouraging the earth to be filled knowledge of the Lord as the waters covers the seas or as Shakespeare so eloquently put it "The world must be peopled".

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