Friday, 23 September 2011

Here's hoping the Palestinians fail

Later today Mahmoud Abbas will launch his bid at the UN, seeking formal recognition of Palestine. I seriously hopes he fails. Why? Watch the video below to find out...


  1. I tend to be wary of these sort of historical-interpretation videos as there are no footnotes and no candid disclosure of the author's position. There are pretty pictures though.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for stopping by... I'm with ya re no footnotes etc but the point is that the MSM put it even simpler than this - Palestine good, Israel bad and when you start digging a little you quickly discover that it's not that straightforward and oftentimes, the Palestinians (and their backers) have been incredibly anti-semitic. If the video above plays a tiny puny miniscule part in making just one person reconsider their Palestinian sympathies I'll be happy.