Sunday, 11 September 2011

Other biggies that also occurred on September 11th


William Wallace defeats forces of the English crown in the Battle of Stirling Bridge. As anyone who’s seen Braveheart knows, the party doesn’t last long for Wallace, but the Scots do regain their independence in 1328.


English explorer Henry Hudson sails up a river on the coast of northeastern America aboard the Dutch vesselHalve Maen (Half Moon). In the process he discovers the island of Manhattan. He successfully navigates the river which now bears his name all the way to present-day Albany.


In the War of 1812, the Battle of Plattsburgh ends in a decisive American victory. This marks the end of a British invasion into the northern states of the U.S. The redcoats retreat into Canada. The two sides sign a peace treaty in Ghent several months later.


The Beatles record the third and final version of what will be their first single, “Love Me Do,” at EMI Studios on Abbey Road. The first two recordings are deemed unsatisfactory due to Ringo Starr’s drumming. His replacements on the other recordings are Pete Best and Andy White. On the third and final cut, Ringo is relegated to playing tambourine.

and one from the annals of the Church...

Patiens of Lyons
, bishop, (whose feast day is 11th September and who tradition claims died today in c.480). Patiens was bishop of Lyons from around AD450. Invasions of the Goths were a constant difficulty, but Patients proved to be a strong man of the kind most needed. He combined great love of the poor with enterprise shown in the building and repair of churches and is said to have fed thousands during the famines of 472 and 475. Apart from his sympathies for Arian heretics, Patiens seems like a generally good chap who despite his foibles would still 
outdo (me thinks) most of our current herd of Bishops.

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