Friday, 8 July 2011

Journal-keeping: a few godly tips

If you don’t want God writing these things down in His journal, don’t write them down in yours. Are you disgusted at how much your neighbour is imposing on you? Why on earth would you want to write that down? Are you feeling lonely and dejected? It would be healthier to forget about yourself and think about someone else. This kind of journal writing just gets you to focus on you, you, you and your feelings, feelings, feelings.

Second, spending hours reflecting on yourself is not wise.  Dumpster diving in your soul only makes you feel worse. The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict us of sin, righteousness and the judgement to come, and we should allow Him to do His work without interference.If you set aside time each day to write about what a worm you are, then you are not wise. God already knows it, you already know it, so why dwell on it? Set your mind and heart on things above!


Think about the writings of St. Paul. He wrote for others, and those others are still being edified after all these centuries. He didn’t write pages about his inner feelings, but mentioned them in passing, to the edification of all. He didn’t gloat or fall into self-pity (or if he did, he didn’t record it for us). He didn’t go on and on about his wrestling with pride or lust. Thank God for that!

In sum: Write each page for others, not to glorify yourself, but to show gratitude to God.

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