Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Questions to an evolutionist

So there has been a storm in the US re Waltke's comments on evolution and his subsequent resignation. Many have written insightfully on this. Probably the best commentary to date on this whole saga is offered by legendary historian Carl Trueman. I particularly like the questions posed in the ultimate paragraph namely

whether evolution is consistent with biblical teaching, particularly Genesis 3, Romans 5 and I Corinthian 15. Which form of evolution is it at which we are looking (there being significant disagreements even within the scientific community)? What about the scientific objections of men like Michael Behe? And how come some people, with little or no scientific training, and who spend their lives telling us how difficult it is to understand messy, written texts - texts designed to, ahem, communicate in a relatively direct fashion -- seem to think that scientific data is univocal, unequivocal, and perspicuous on this point?

And then of course there was that brilliantly apt quote on the dangers of accommodating oneself to the prevailing age

Cultural acceptability is a cruel mistress.

This was an excellent post. Imbibe it here Link text and then ready yourself for some godly conversation next time you meet an evolutionist of either the pagan or theistic variety... Which leaves me to say "Be warned dear Timmy..."

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