Friday, 16 April 2010

Not so feminst after all

It is about 8 weeks to go today until I get married. I have to confess that as the day approaches I find that the struggles to remain pure have increased. So one solution which my fiance and I have opted for is to avoid spending time purely on our own. This has therefore meant that our recent catch up times have tended to be us going out for a meals. All good fun if not somewhat expensive.

Anyway a thing that I've noticed these last few times is how at the end of the evening, the person bringing the bill almost always hands me the bill. This evening was even more striking. Our waiter was a woman. Rachel - my fiance offered to pay so she asked for the bill. The waiter approached the table and handed me bill.

How interesting? Here we are in 21st century Britain with all the pundits telling us about equal rights and how we are to treat each other as equals and yet when it comes to those situations that ladies cherish and which would not really work to their interest, they somehow revert to doing things in the traditional (and biblical) way. Me thinks that the world is not that feminist after all or as Doug Wilson brilliantly puts it when discussing the issue of biblical leadership/submission "Arguing with the fact of the husband's headship in the home is like jumping off a cliff in order to quarrel with the law of gravity. Marshall the arguments on the way down however one likes, he will eventually find himself refuted in a messy way."

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