Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What a dude!

One of my favourite books is titled "If: Questions for the Game of Life". Essentially, this book contains 500 questions, meant to be a stimulus for good and interesting conversation in an informal setting. Furthermore, the questions can also be used to gain insights into one's ambitions, priorities and desires in a more indirect rather than intense or superficial manner.

One of my best questions in this book is: If you could have a dinner party at which anyone - either living or dead - could come, which 5 people would you invite? I love this question because in part it reveals who one's heroes are: those whom we think are remarkable in some way.

My list of which 5 people I'd like to have, keeps changing but there is one person who regularly features on it. His name is Polycarp and as I reflect on how brave and unflinching he was in his commitment to the King of Kings over 1,800 years ago yesterday, I give thanks to God for strengthening him in his hour of need, and look forward to meeting Him at the greatest dinner party of all.

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