Monday, 22 February 2010

Hey dream, I'm gonna call mama

For some strange reason, I've had an unusually high spate of nightmares. The most recurring, has involved me standing in front of a mirror, finishing getting dressed up on the morning of my wedding, and s-l-o-w-l-y realising that - agony of agonies - I have no speech prepared.

As I begin to comprehend my predicament + the fact that there is such little time before having to stand up before friends and family (and of course the lovely R) the agonising questions begin: How I'll begin the speech? Should I try to be funny or shall I just keep it simple and sweet? Will I remember to thank everyone? Will I be able to effuse about the lovely R in the exact manner that I want to? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!

One quiet afternoon at work, I found myself thinking back to my childhood as I tried to recollect how I dealt with horrible experiences way way back then... After some pondering I realised I couldn't think of any specific remedy that my folks had for nightmares but what really struck me was that rather than give us one simple answer, rather than say to us if you have a bad dream just say "Hey bad dream, I'm going to call mama" they were steadfast in modelling to us a life devoid of worrying and over-anxiety.

Whatever the situation that we faced, mum and dad were never lacking in thankfulness to God. Were it that we'd had a tough day at school, or that one of us was not too well, or even when one evening we heard that one of mum's close relatives had died, my folks were unwavering tin turning to Scripture, in giving thanks to God, and in saying to us little ones when we looked worried something to the effect of "Do not fear, God is near."

Only now as I reflect on this, do I see that mum and dad taught us such an invaluable lesson. That to follow Christ means being convinced that nightmare or no nightmare,
God works all things for the good of those who love Him.

As this sinks in, it is hard to overstate how thankful I am for the example of such godly parents and for their unyielding trust in God's goodness.

So now with less than 3 months to go before I leave mummy and daddy and be united to the lovely Miss M, how I pray that I would remember the many things both said and seen about our great saviour - He is near... Therefore awful dreams - I will not fear.

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