Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UK, knocking at the gates of Mordor

  Content warning

Archbishop Cranmer with a very tragic post of not just our awful intellectual schizophrenia, but also the dreadful place we as a civilisation have descended to: 
Apparently the bodies of 15,500 aborted and miscarried babies have been incinerated over the past couple of years as clinical waste, and this bonfire of foetal flesh was used by some NHS trusts to heat hospitals as part of their 'waste-to-energy' policy. 
It seems that the Department of Health was so appalled by this that they issued an instant ban on the practice, which Conservative Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said was "totally unacceptable.'
Why, exactly? 
If, as we consistently and incessantly told, a fertilised embryo becomes a foetus but it is not a human baby until 24 weeks (or 40 weeks if it happens to be disabled), why not treat it simply as refuse and incinerate it along with the rest of the waste? If it is nothing but as "bunch of cells" to be sliced and diced and the mush sucked out with vacuum device, why not recycle it to derive a modicum of human benefit?
This is beyond tragic - we're clearly at the gates of Mordor!

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