Monday, 31 March 2014

How well should pastors be paid?

I am very blessed to be ministering in a denomination that cares well for her clergy (in terms of how much it pays and the numerous generous provisions it accords such as a big vicarage which is maintained and repaired at hardly any cost to me, the paying of council tax, paying for moving costs, mileage allowance, etc, etc). That said, I found R CSproul Jr's article on how well ministers should be paid, a very helpful piece (and it would become even more relevant if ever I embarked on church planting!), Here is a taster:
I'd encourage a church to aspire to these goals, in this order. First, give freely and joyfully. The pastor is not spending the church's money when he is paid. Tithers are not buying stock in the man and do not become a board of directors managing his household budget. Don't determine where and how he should give by paying him little. Second, aspire to free your pastor from financial pressure. A shepherd should not be spending his time and energy worrying about how he will pay the electric bill. Third, give the man some dignity. He has studied long. He works hard. "Worthy of double honour" (I Timothy 5:17) may be difficult to define precisely but it should at least mean that the pastor is paid well enough that he can pick up a check from time to time, and is not always dependent, like a servant, on the occasional, unexpected generosity of his friends. Fourth, pay him well enough that he is able to give with great generosity.
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