Monday, 23 September 2013

The longing

We live in a world shattered,
Each step re-echoes the cracking of broken glass,
Shards removed at first from aching feet
But then…finally…tolerated.
Longing to recover the tranquil garden of gentle grass.

We all long for things to be made RIGHT.  Ever since Adam was expelled from the Garden, humanity has been longing for what was lost - the tranquil feel of gentle grass on weary limbs. As horrific events unfold in my home town and more news comes in of a dastardly attack on Christians in Pakistan it's impossible not to long for wickedness to cease: for swords to be turned into ploughshares, spears into pruning hooks, AK47s into butter knives. Sin has truly shattered the ocean depth of happy rest we once enjoyed and now we all long for the calm from the chaos to commence.
But where will such calm be found? Where will ugliness be transformed to beauty? Where will fractured relationships be turned into harmony and falsehood swallowed up by truth? The answer is simple - only in Christ. What Sin has profoundly torn apart, God, through Christ is reconciling to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven. He is the Creator and Re-Creator, the Redeemer and the Reconciler. He is the One who fully satisfies the longing soul. Only He Who entered the broken-glass world with the gentleness from above could remove the shards of our souls, recovering for us the tranquil garden of gentle grass.

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