Tuesday, 17 September 2013

10 points addressing modesty

A superb post from Feminagirls covering the modesty essentials

1) This is about applying the Gospel to everyday life i.e. it's not a stick to beat the world/fellow Christians with.

2) Parents (and later on husbands) are absolutely critical

3) Get some perspective: 
"I have heard many young girls take a stand that could boil down to, “If God doesn’t want me in bikinis then He isn’t a God for me!” Seriously?  Be honest with yourself here. I do not believe that Scripture calls us to be frumpy. But what if it did? Are you ready to walk away from the faith?"
4) God created sex:
"Many Christians act like the world invented sex, and God is too prudish to deal with it. Like the editors of Cosmo made this up in their little think tank and God hasn’t caught on to the trend yet. We are too hot for Him to handle! This is really embarrassing. God gave you that body, He gave you your sexuality, and He wants you to use it to His Glory. Think about that."
5) Remember which side you're on

6) Be kind (to yourself, your friends, your church)

7) God dislikes hates immodesty

8) Consider the story you're writing:
"Modesty is only a small component of the most complete sexual experience on the planet. The way God wants us doing this starts with vows before Him and ends with headstones beside each other. And when we are gone, the legacy of our love will be all wrapped up in people. Honor God in all the parts of that story – including the parts that are preparation. Do not get so fixated on what the cover of this book looks like to others that you neglect to think about the story inside. The world tells us that sex is all about self satisfaction and feeling good about yourself – it is a flashy, shiny cover that has cute shoes. But on the inside it is a story full of confusion, guilt, and sorrow while the heroine struggles to love herself.  But think about this. God tells us that it is all about loving others. Pouring yourself out for others. Investing in others. Giving life to others. And all because we are loved by Him first, and second by human reflections of that love. Let your story be a story of faithful love that tells of His."
9) Stop kissing the world

10) Modesty is easy

Read the full thing here

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