Friday, 19 October 2012

Spurgeon: paedobaptist in woolly clothing

Reading more Spurgeon, I've come across more of his wonderful inconsistencies. Despite being one of the greatest baptist preachers of all time he advocated catechesis for children and exhorted parents to treat their littl'uns essentially, as growing saints. Read the man yourself:

For my part, I am more and more persuaded that the study of a good Scriptural catechism is of infinite value to our children, and I shall see that it is reprinted as cheaply as possible for your use. Even if the youngsters do not understand all the questions and answers in the “Westminster Assembly’s Catechism,” yet, abiding in their memories, it will be of infinite service when the time of understanding comes, to have those very excellent, wise, and judicious definitions of the things of God. If we would maintain orthodoxy in our midst, and see good old Calvinistic doctrines handed down from father to son, I think we must use the method of catechising, and endeavour with all our might to impregnate their minds with the things of God.

Huh! Talk about being paedobaptist in woolly [i.e. baptist] clothing!

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