Tuesday, 2 October 2012

7 Rules for Reformers

Doug Wilson nails it again with this post here. In sum the 7 rules are:

1) Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

2) Remember the distinction between principles and methods

3) Prefer the concrete to the abstract

4) Cultivate a high sense of humour

5) Be combative

6) Play the long game

7) Always remember that religion shapes culture and culture trumps politics.

There are too many choice quotes, but me being a good Trinitarian, here are my favourite 3:

Secular conservatism is like trying to use your pocket handkerchief to slow you down after the main chute has failed. The person and work of Jesus is not optional.

Love your neighbour, not mankind. Build an actual school for your children, and do not love the notion of educational great concepts in some Euclidean eschaton.

You have to fight, and you have to fight clean, and you have to fight fair. When you enlist in the army, you cannot feign surprise when you find yourself in battles.

Read the whole thing here

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