Sunday, 16 September 2012

You're not married because...

'You're a b*tch'! 

So says an article by a TV scriptwriter named Tracy McMillan, which is aimed at women who want to be married but aren't and wonder why. Pulling no punches, she tells them why. She gives six reasons:

1) You're a b*tch
2) You're shallow
3) You're a sl*t
4) You're a liar
5) You're selfish
6) You're not good enough

There is a lot here that is provocative and unnecessarily exaggerated (perhaps to generate more publicity) but there is quite a bit that is useful and true including her realistic reflections on marriage: don't expect it to be happy all the time! One of the best lines of the article is her comment that:

"Ultimately, marriage is not about getting something - it's about giving it."

Preach on sister!

Read the article here

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