Friday, 14 September 2012

The moment before death

How fickle we are. Helped by the recent protests in other Islamic lands, the raging war in Syria has been taken off our minds. Even the pro-Islamic Al-Jazeera has only got a small section on it's home page focussed on Syria. The focus is now on Libya, Yemen and wherever else the Islamic protesters will live out their faith and unleash their fury today. Anyway there I was with my thoughts of Aleppo, Damascus or Al-Assad tucked away deep in my innermost recesses of my being when I came across the photo below which captures the exact moment that a tank shell hits a group of rebel fighters in Syria. One moment it was like this:

Next thing it was this:

Then this:

Only the man in the foreground survives, the other three are completely obliterated. There is a collection of the photos here showing the scene before and after the attack. Sadly, one of the things the survivors say to each other to comfort one other soon after the disaster happens is "Allahu Akbhar". How tragic. One day soon they'll discover that not only did they back the wrong side of the war but the trust the wrong God. Kyrie Eleison

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