Monday, 22 November 2010

Fancy calling her "M'Lord"

A few weeks ago now The Saturday Times dissuaded married couples from giving each other pet names. It was one of their perplexing suggestions of how to keep the marriage flame burning. Apparently, giving each other pet names mysteriously moved the relationship from intimate romance to a good-natured friendship. All I could think of at the time is what's so bad about having a good-natured friendship? And why this apparent division between intimate romance and an amiable friendship? We surely want our marriages to be punctuated by romantic tête-à-têtes as well has having ordinary everyday conversation ("Shall we go down and have some breakfast?"; "I don't like it when you do that"; "Is that the time we need to go to bed now" and so on). Well as you can see, I didn't think much of the Times article and this weekend, whilst reading something on Luther, I discover that he was married to Katherine von Bora (a former nun) for 21 years and had six children. The best bit though was the pet name he gave her:"My Lord Katie". Perhaps he did so because she managed their home (which was frequently full of students), she had a large garden and livestock, she fished and farmed, and also ran a brewery! She also managed their money and took care of their extended household. What a women eh? I'm praying that my dear and lovely wife takes a few leaves off her book (though I shan't share which particular ones) and to help her in that process I'll be adding a new pet name to our repertoire "My Lord Rachel"

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