Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hypocrisy sucks

Every so often a commentary, online article etc I'm reading will capture with great force a point from Scripture I'm trying to teach. These last few days, I've been working on Romans 2 in preparation for a sermon I'm preaching this Sunday. One of the things that's really struck me as I've prepared this sermon, is how much hypocrisy really really sucks. It quietly eats away at our conscience and more seriously, it is utterly distasteful to God. This alone should lead us to immediate repentance and godly fear but not always. Thus something I read today reminded me that one way God's hatred for hypocrisy is displayed, is by allowing our hypocritical life to be understood as such by those around us

No amount of rigorous apologetic for the faith—as important as that is—will supplant or squelch the consistent noise coming from the moral megaphone of our lives. 

How is your life? Are you simply talking the talk or are you also walking the walk? Ezekiel 18:27

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