Friday, 23 July 2010

one small step for woman, many sad steps for man

Isn't it painful when someone just says it as it is? I'd never seriously thought about how the ordination of women inadvertently leads to other theological errors (although I remember a fellow ordinand once saying in a lecture - to consternation/squirming from the rest of us - that the ordination of women and the "gay issue" were all part of a package). Anyway there was that issue just lounging in the deep recesses of my brain when I read this

"Looking for flourishing chastity in such settings is a sexual snipe hunt. Just ask the question directly. Those denominations that worked through the controversy of women's ordination a generation ago have certainly moved on. Their controversies now concern whether sodomites should be wearing sodomitres in solemn procession up the central aisle"

from Doug Wilson's Why Ministers Must Be Men, 23

Briefly looking at what has happened at my denomination, the mind goes huh!

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