Monday, 3 April 2017

Oh to be a pastor in Chaucer's mold (pt 2)

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The description below - of the ideal pastor - is taken from the prologue to The Canterbury Tales. (part 1 is here)

Upon his feet, and in his hand a stave
This noble example to his sheep he gave

First following the word before he taught it
And from the gospel he had caught it

His business was to show a fair behaviour
and draw men thus to heaven and their Saviour

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Unless indeed a man be obstinate;
and such, whether of high or low estate

He put to sharp rebuke to say the least
I think there never was a better priest

He sought no pomp or glory in his dealings
no scrupulosity had spiced his feelings

Christ and his twelve apostles and their lore
he taught, but followed it himself before


Oh to be such a faithful pastor
Lord I need thy gracious power

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