Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The importance of families for both Church & State

We must have a special eye upon families, to see that they are well ordered, and the duties of each relation performed. The life of religion, and the welfare and glory of both the Church and the State, depend much on family government and duty. If we suffer the neglect of this, we shall undo all... If any good be begun by the ministry in any soul, a careless, prayerless, worldly family is like to stifle it, or very much hinder it; whereas if you could get but the rulers of families to do their duty, to take upon the work where you left it, and help it on, what abundance of good might be done!
– Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor, (Banner of Truth, 2005) p.100

Surprisingly, this is not something that I heard much of while at seminary but reflecting on some of the situations I've seen in the parish, I see much wisdom and truth in what Baxter says here.

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