Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is Communion eating the body & blood of Christ?

Been reading a bit on the Lord's Supper; how often we should celebrate it (weekly), whether children should partake (of course - would you starve your kids?), who should officiate at it (the elders obviously!) etc etc. Anyway I came across this q & a in a Reformed catechism.
Q. Do we then eat the body and blood of the Lord?
A. I understand so. For as our whole reliance for salvation depends on Him, in order that the obedience, which he yielded to the Father may be imputed to us just as it it were ours, it is necessary that he be possessed by us;  for the only way in which He communicates His blessings to us is by making Himself ours. 
Any idea who could have said that? Find out here (Question 342m)

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