Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How England has fallen - what Edward's abdication teaches us

On this day in December 1936, Britain's King Edward VIII abdicated his throne in order to marry American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Edward was the first British monarch to propose marrying a divorced woman and it's staggering, when one looks at the history annals to discover that his abdication came about not because of some law or constitutional demand but rather because neither the Prime Minister (Stanley Baldwin) nor other leaders of the world would accept the King being married to a divorcee. Can you imagine that happening today? If it did, we'd be getting ready to welcome King William and not Charles. 

The truth is given our quickness to affirm relationships simply because the individuals involved 'love each other' without defining what true love looks like, we've unwittingly championed a decedant morality devoid of Christian/life-long faithfulness, gender complementarity and home-centred commitments to child rearing. The end result is a culture where divorce/bleeding hearts are rife, where children are abused/depressed and where couples and especially women find themselves trying to do everything and failing miserably. As someone once said, arguing with Christian morality is like jumping off a cliff in order to quarrel with the law of gravity. You can marshall all the arguments you like on your way down, you will however eventually find yourself refuted in a messy way.

Well what is the solution to this mess? The Church needs to lead the reformation of our land by first, repenting of our own evil and malaise (in for example accepting and embracing things like 'marital breakdown' as an acceptable grounds for divorce) and second, by exhorting Christians to live out sacrificial and life-long marriages. This - and only this - is the hope for our nation.

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