Saturday, 20 July 2013

Knox's warning to the Queen

Those who know me know that I'm a big big fan of the Monarchy – – – I love the Queen, I love the palaces, I love the pomp, I love the ceremony, I love the interesting outfits – you name it – if it’s linked to the Monarchy – I’ll be there – I love all things Royal. I think part of my appreciation for the Royal family comes from my being a foreigner – I was born and bred in Kenya (East Africa) and so for me coming to England and seeing an actual Monarch – someone who wears a crown, sits on a throne, has the most fancy outfits ever...        I mean did you see the fantastic robe she wore a couple of months ago for the State opening of parliament? For me those kind of things only occurred in fairy tales and so when I arrived in England I was like wow – it’s for real – an actual Queen – how amazing! The other wonderful thing about the Queen is how she has confidently displayed her Christian faith – regularly seen attending church and over the years speaking winsomely (in her Christmas broadcast) of the unique hope found in the only true Saviour Jesus Christ. It was with deep sadness therefore to read earlier this week of her assent of the homosexual marriage bill into law. I know there is a sense in which her signature was rubber stamping exercise; more a nod to tradition rather than the result of her deliberate consideration. I also partly sympathise with her given the enormous pressure she is under from various clamouring voices and often hostile (i.e. atheistic) viewpoints. Nevertheless she is the Queen – God has given her the right as Sovereign to rule over our Kingdom and to govern her people well. Beyond that she ought to remember that all pomp, glory and esteem will one day fade when we all will stand before the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. If that be the case she ought to adhere and seek out His counsel rather than submit to the folly of our age which is attempting to do the impossible and redefine marriage – an absurd and untenable task, akin to trying to defy gravity or push water uphill. God is the one who determines what’s right or wrong not the houses of parliament or the number 10 policy unit or the European Union. John Knox put this well in a letter that he wrote interestingly to the other Elizabeth reminding her of who the ultimate source of good and righteous laws is: 

Neither the consent of people, process of time, nor multitude of men, can establish a law which God shall approve. But whatsoever He approveth (by His eternal Word) that shall be approved, and whatsoever He dampeneth shall be condemned, though all men on earth hazard justification of the same.

I esteem a lot and pray often for our Queen. I hope therefore that she (and her ministers) will take heed – God’s word not ours determines what's right.

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