Monday, 18 February 2013

Beards of ministry

The Telegraph recently carried a feature on the return of beards. Apparently everyone is donning them now: celebrities, politicians, postmen, Starbucks staff, etc, etc. Of the correspondence that followed, one of the best was a letter by a Ms Anya Spackman which read:

Sir - a kiss from a man with a beard is far more interesting that one from a shaven man.

Surely that's enough to get all clean shaven men to abandon their razors! And if you weren't able to think of something for the start Lent, then perhaps repenting of shaving could be it?? For the clergymen among you, see the chart below which will help you choose just the right ministry image (Mine I think is at the Patchivist stage but I'm hoping to some day get it to a Spurgeon!)


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