Thursday, 1 November 2012

Quote of the week: No applause

No one pats you on the back for doing the next responsible thing, even when it is really hard to do or feels downright grueling, which – I can attest – it mostly does. There is no applause.  No one puts your face on a glossy brochure, or writes you a big fat check, or invites you on a speaking tour, because you yield to the natural constraints and confines of a faithful life. There is little celebration, actually, in once again deciding not to buy something you really want in hopes of keeping to a budget; to not take a trip or a gig so you can be available to a spouse, or child, or ailing parent; to scale back on commitments to have more time for personal discipline, or family, or reflection, or good old fashioned rest.

Via: The Washington Institute reflecting on the D'Souza debacle

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