Monday, 6 February 2012

Another George Herbert classic

This was originally a poem but was turned into a hymn by Ralph Vaughan Williams. It could work well for churches preaching through the Gospels especially the 4th as it is laden with Johannine motifs.

Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life

1. Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life:  
 such a way as gives us breath, 
 such a truth as ends all strife, 
 such a life as killeth death.

2. Come, my Light, my Feast, my Strength:  
 such a light as shows a feast, 
 such a feast as mends in length, 
 such a strength as makes his guest.

3. Come, my Joy, my Love, my Heart:  
 such a joy as none can move, 
 such a love as none can part, 
 such a heart as joys in love.

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