Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A logic FAIL BIG time/Thank you Oak Hill

Over at Richard Wiseman's blog, there is an interesting discussion on whether it would be right or not to let women and children go first if you were one of those on the Costa Concordia when it capsized. There have been some abominable answers along the lines of: yes children should go first but not women BECAUSE women and men are equal! Where oh where does one begin? If one says that men and women and equal but doesn't  include children, does this therefore constitute an admission that children and adults are not equal? And if yes (which in some respects they are not) does this then not make us aware that the issue of equality requires further clarification i.e. equal how/in what respect? This is one of those many moments, when I'm incredibly thankful to God for the training I received at Theological college. Thank you very much Oak Hill.

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