Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Calvin the unromantic

Over at Steve Jeffrey's blog, there is a competition to elicit what sorts of things you'd say to Calvin, when you meet him in glory. If one of your entries gets chosen, you'll receive a free copy of Doug Wilson's latest book, A Study Guide to Calvin’s Institutes. What would you ask Calvin?

Here is my latest entry:

Did you ever mention to Idelette your criteria for what you looked for in a wife:

"This is the only beauty that allures me: if she is chaste, if not too fussy or fastidious, if economical, if patient, if there is hope that she will be interested in my health."

If "yes" eeeeerm how did she take it?

Have a go of this competition here


  1. Calvin of course was effectively a serial killer - how many people were executed, and for the most trivial of reasons, when he was in control, either directly or behind the scenes, of his mini-state in Geneva?

    Bearing in mind that execution is NEVER justified.

    He was also a mass-murderer in that he gave his followers permission to hunt down and slaughter (like vermin) the Anabaptists for their "heresy".

  2. Eeeerm, where to begin? Who says execution is never justified? What do you make of Romans 13:4 for example?