Monday, 21 February 2011

Was King James a Fool?

As part of the King James Quatercentenary, the parish church where I am based are holding some celebratory events which include, hopefully hosting this exciting trio. Today however as part of my own research into the life and morals of James Stuart, I begun reading Otto Scott's intriguingly titled book: James I, The Fool as King. Here is how he begins his work:

The figure of the Fool is widely misunderstood. He is neither a jester nor a clown nor an idiot. He is, instead, the dark side of genius. For if genius has the ability to see and make connections beyond the normal range of vision, the fool is one who can see-and disconnect. James Stuart was such a fool.

Ok you historians out there? Is it true that King James perfectly fits this bill because he wittingly unhinged the Reformation by
1) playing theologians against each other?
2) embracing a subtle Roman Catholicism by urging his heir Charles I on a pilgrimage to Catholic Spain?

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