Monday, 31 January 2011

Mr Trueman, our survey said...

Last summer, during an interview on Justification with the Revd Dr Mike Ovey, Professor Carl Trueman said this "What would concern me I think is if I was preaching Justification and was never vulnerable to the accusation of antinomianism. If nobody could ever make that criticism of my preaching, then I'd be pretty confident that I wasn't preaching the doctrine that Paul preached."

Now take that and compare it with the following:

the real litmus test, if I may be so bold, is to manage to be accused simultaneously of antinomianism and legalism. When you have gotten to the point where any stick is good enough to beat you with, then you really have something. This is like what one Puritan called the bracing experience of "living in the high mountain air of public calumny." The legalists think you are a libertine, and the libertines think you are a fusser, and they all say so in loud voices. That's the ticket. (via Smells Kind of Musty)
In other words,                            "Mr Trueman, our survey said eh urgh!"

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