Monday, 17 May 2010

The path to happiness

So I posted Friday on what I thought would make for a good, Christ-honouring stag day and yesterday I had mine... How was it?

Well we started off with some good food at a local pub, then we were off to the go kart race track for some serious racing - I think for many this was a real highlight. I mean seriously, put any man near some fast moving machinery, and very quickly they start behaving like a boy about to enjoy some toy. I was also surprised to see how one minute Christians can be sooooo friendly and ever so polite but get them racing against each other and its carnage at every corner!

After the racing we had some chill out time at the best man's house and the evening was concluded with a curry (lovely for most people but not for me who was 'encouraged' to eat some chillies - managed to eat three and then almost threw up)

I think if I had to be honest I would say it was an okay day. I still don't understand why stags have to wear comedy outfits and I still wonder why the stag has to be challenged to do something outrageous like eat raw chillies, or challenge strangers to a duel or some such...

Sometime in the near future and before any kiplets get married, I would like to think some more about what our ascended Lord Jesus thinks about one of his followers having a stag do - I'm sure His word has something to say on it only that I don't yet know what it is and if any of you have put some thought into this I would love to hear it...

Right now though I want to leave you with an excerpt of a note someone wrote me yesterday on my stag day. If you are married, about to get married, aspire to be married, these are words worth hearing

Utter devotion to Christ, fearless submission to Scripture, passionate faithfulness to your wife and radical, perservering, joyful, self-giving, humble, self-forgetful service in your marriage are the path to happy fruitfulness

Thank you for such stirring words dear David.

May the Lord give me and others in a similar situation great grace every day, hour and minute to walk this path, for our own good, others blessing and to God's praise and glory.

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